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Tired of searching for up-to-date Bratz information? Tired of looking for answers you can't find? Looking for accurate information? Looking to have a blast from the past? Welcome to a spot for the only girls and boys with a passion for fashion! In this space, every fan's research and information can come together to make the ultimate Bratz encyclopedia. Read the Guidelines and Rules of Conduct below, under the About the Bratz section, to find out how you can make this fandom page flourish!

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About the Bratz

Bratz is a line of 12" dolls conceptualized and designed by Carter Bryant, then released and produced through MGA Entertainment beginning on May 21, 2001. The inspiration for Bratz came to Bryant in 1998 after he spotted a few teenagers hanging out around Kickapoo High School, located in Carter Bryant's hometown of Springfield, Missouri.[1] His initial vision for the dolls was for them to have "mix-and-match" potential, from having interchangeable outfits, feet changes, wig changes, and even head changes! The only concepts that stuck in most of the final product were the interchangeable outfits and the snap-off feet.[2]

The brand initially centered on teens and was meant to be directed towards a tween audience (Ages 9 to 14 years old). The direction has expanded throughout the years to include children of a younger age and even adult collectors.

Bratz was meant to be focused on modern and cutting-edge fashion styles worn by youth. Though edgy, they were meant to be good-natured, according to Carter Bryant. Carter Bryant was very much inspired by the punk and rock clubs, among other subcultures. [3]

"He sketched out four characters, each of whom had a unique personality. He described them as “fearless and strong,” and said he frequently drew them with their hands on their hips in order to convey “just a bit of defiance” (Lobel 13). They had huge heads, large feet, and tiny waists. They wore fashion-forward outfits that represented a distinct move away from Barbie’s prim and proper life." [4]

They were going to be called "Angelz", but some time before production their name was changed to the "Bratz".[5]

Carter Bryant was also inspired by a Steve Madden ad he saw in a magazine. [6]

Carter Bryant was inspired to get into design work after reading Betty and Veronica comic books, as well as designing outfits for the Katy Keene comics. The comics had some influence on the dolls as well.[7]

Initially, Isaac Larian, the CEO of MGA Entertainment, thought the dolls looked like aliens, but it has been noted that his daughter, Jasmin Larian, showed enough interest to convince the CEO to pick up the project[8].

Bratz were released in May 2001 but didn't see success until the holiday season. Despite criticism from parents and some feminist groups, [9]Bratz dolls' popularity skyrocketed. Throughout the 2000s, the Bratz managed to take over 40% of the fashion doll market, especially after movies, a TV series, music albums, and other merchandise were released to promote the brand. [10]

Other product developers, such as Paula and Pua, were brought on board. MGA also began bringing on other designers to flesh out the Bratz brand such as Ellen Komatsu, Michelle Lucas, Lui Domingo, Daniel Garcia, Maggie Bermudez, Janene Dunbar, Youngsin Kwon, Jessica Miranda, Desiree Taylor, Ron McPherson, Diana Chang, Susan Sayan, among others.

MGA also teamed up with international distributors such as Bandai, Tomy, Kreisel, Funtastic, Gig (Giochi Preziosi), Hasbro, Prima, Funtastic Limited, Vivid Imaginations, Saks, HeadStart In Front For Fun!, Prima Toys, Twiga Communications, Avexnet, Amazon, Myer, among others, to make sure Bratz had international appeal.[11]

MGA also formed a partnership with Mike Young Productions (now Splash Entertainment), producer of the ever-popular Bratz TV series and Rock Angelz movie. They continue to produce much content for MGA's other brands. Films were released through Fox Entertainment, Universal, and Lionsgate. MGA also teamed up with Universal and producer Matthew Gerrard for the infamous Rock Angelz album.

In 2008, the Bratz dolls were ordered to be removed from shelves after several years of lawsuits between MGA Entertainment and rival doll company Mattel, beginning with MGA filing a lawsuit in 2004 over similarities between Mattel's Myscene and MGA's Bratz. Mattel counter-sued stating that Carter Bryant was under contract with them while employed under MGA, which according to their contract meant they were the true owners of the Bratz and deserved royalties. They demanded the dolls be removed. Dozens of Bratz drawings and models were awarded to Mattel [12]. MGA filed an appeal to have the Bratz return to shelves. Shortly after, Steve Madden's photographer, "Butch" Belair, also filed a lawsuit against both companies, which MGA took on and prevailed.

In 2010, Bratz were re-released for their 10th Anniversary. Unfortunately, in 2014, Bratz went on hiatus due to poor reception. MGA stated "they rushed the release" of the dolls after the court order.

In the midst of the lawsuits, Carter Bryant, the original designer, was released from the company.

In 2015, the Bratz were re-designed with a cuter face mold and child-friendlier fashion. In 2017, Bratz went on another hiatus due to poor reception.

In 2018, Instagram influencer and designer Hayden Williams was called on-board to design an exclusive Adult Collectors' line for the Bratz dolls.

In the present, since Hayden Williams' dolls were released, Bratz are mostly being promoted and conceptualized by adult fans, Instagram influencers, such as photographer and the current Bratz social media content creator, Mar Cantos [13], and clothing designers and stores such as Bershka and Hot Topic [14]. Bratz is now considered a lifestyle and fashion brand, and the target audiences are Millennials and Gen Z (though a few dolls have appeared in children's toy aisles).

Beginning May 21, 2021, in honor of Bratz's 20th year anniversary, several of their older editions, such as the 1st Edition, have been re-packaged for re-release. A Pride doll is also launching [15]. Much of the releases this year, including a Make-up collaboration with Make-up Revolution, a mini Talking Bratz series, and a high-end fashion show from No Name Mexico, have been to support the Bratz dolls' 20th anniversary.


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At this time, all pages are being limited to administrators only. Eventually, I will welcome all to edit once the pages have been filled up generally. However, once it is open, PLEASE PROVIDE AS MANY SOURCES AS POSSIBLE FOR INFORMATION THAT'S NOT SO OBVIOUS, FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES AND RULES OF CONDUCT BELOW, and FOLLOW THE PAGE FORMAT. If you don't know how to add to a page, remember that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Ask away, anywhere here. You may not receive a response right away, but if you are heavily concerned about formatting or contributing to a page, wait off on adding until you receive a helpful response.

Information Use

If you take any information from this wiki or fandom page, and bring it to any other website, fandom page, and/or wiki, please give the fandom page credit. Many of the people adding to the page work hard to put it here. Please and thank you. If information from these pages are taken and copied verbatim, you will be notified and asked to cite the fandom page as the source.

If I post anything, I will most certainly try to credit the website I got it from somewhere on here, as providing sources for everything is the goal of this fandom/wiki. I expect everyone else to try and do the same. The only exceptions are if the information is from a buying website, like Ebay or Amazon, or directly from Bratz's general merchandise.

If you feel that your work was taken and posted here without credit, you can cite yourself on the fandom page or you can remove the content and contact an administrator stating why you removed it (otherwise you risk it being posted again and you risk receiving unfair consequences). It is difficult to remember to cite everyone, but that is the goal.

Canonizing Within The Bratz Universe

I intend to make this a very detailed "Wiki", so I would like to ask you to refrain from citing anything as "canon" on this wiki/fandom page. This fandom page will follow the format of what's a priority in the Bratz universe, with dolls being the heart of the brand, NOT THE TV SERIES (though that is the most popular form of media from the brand). When adding information, consider the following:

  1. Bratz Dolls and Box Information-Bratz was originally a doll-focused brand since 2001. Since the beginning, information about the Bratz characters has always appeared through these sources, and they made Bratz who they are to this day. However, Bratz has been through several reboots and have had several collection shifts as they tried to align with promotional media. Therefore, nothing in the doll universe can be considered canon. When posting information from the doll sources, please specify the line it comes from. For example, when referring to why Cameron is nicknamed "The Blaze", the sentence should state "In earlier editions, it was because [he's] "hot"." However, when referring to later boxes in 2018, it should state "In the 2018 reboot, the back of his box stated his nickname was "The Blaze" because of his hot skateboarding skills..."
  2. Doll and Box Speculative Information-This refers to any extra objective observations of the doll and/or doll box sources that aren't clearly outlined on the doll or box. This information can lead to educated theories or conclusions. Speculation is allowed, as it can be helpful for understanding less developed characters. However, it can only remain in tact with enough evidence to support it. You must also clearly state that the information is speculative or widely accepted. Note that speculation is subject to be changed or altered once more information or evidence is presented. Speculative information can also be subjects of debate at times, so if you're not open to having your information questioned, do not post it. Speculative information is more accepted when the point can't be argued. When posting speculative information, consider that a sentence like "Jade is widely accepted as Japanese due to her inclusion in the Itsy Bitsy Bratz Fish Shack, a mostly Sushi restaurant, and the Japanese flag situated on her shirt in the Style It line..." is more acceptable than "Jade is Japanese..."
  3. Producers' and Creators' Unofficial Ideas, Models, and Notes-The information from MGA creators or producers, such as prototypes, design sketches, designers' notes, among other developmental doll information, even if unofficially released, is considered on this wiki/fandom as proper information that can expand the Bratz universe. However, as these were merely unofficial concepts, none are considered "canon". With that in mind, when posting any information from any of these sources, consider that the sentence "In Carter Bryant's earlier notes, he considered Yasmin, originally Lupe, to be Hispanic..." is more acceptable than "Yasmin is Hispanic".
  4. Bratz Promotional Media (Commercials, Website, Social Media, Books & Magazines, Games, TV or Web series, Movies, etc)-The information from these sources are promotional tools and can often expand on the Bratz universe. However, Bratz's promotional media is so inconsistent, we can't state any universe from the promotional media is canon. Different developers, producers, creators, and marketers have been hired over the years to expand the universe, causing conflict and inconsistency. When addressing promotional media, all sentences should be structured to show where the information specifically comes from. For example, the sentence "In the Bratz Genie Magic movie universe, Katia showed romantic interest in Bryce..." is more acceptable than "Katia is dating Bryce..."
  5. Promotional Media Speculative Information-This refers to any extra objective observations of the promotional sources that lead to educated theories or conclusions. The same standards with doll speculative information applies to promotional speculative information.

Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

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Help Wanted/Contributions Needed

I would like to reach out to fans and request donations of the Bratz doll BOXES. I know that the boxes are often the most disposed of. Many Bratz fans don't realize how valuable those boxes are. If you have any boxes, please save them for information. If you would like to donate or sell your box to me, email me at or leave a comment anywhere here.

Video of the Month


Original Flash Intro from Bratz website (2001)


Bratz x Make-Up Revolution

  • 04/31/2021 A new Bratz app game has been released, including familiar characters in the Bratz universe! Bratz Total Fashion Makeover has launched!
  • 06/21/2021 Bratz has teamed up with Make-up Revolution! A make-up palette based on the 1st Edition Bratz dolls has officially launched Bratz x Make-up Revolution
  • 06/29/2021 Bratz's "Senior Project", the Talking Bratz Tik Tok CGI-animated series has been released! Starring Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, Sasha, Felicia, and Dylan! Check back every week for a new episode! Talking Bratz Series
  • 7/27/2021 No Name Mexico collaborated with Bratz to create a Pride line and high-end fashion show! Check out their merch! No Name Mexico x Bratz. The Fashion show is visible at Bratz Tik Tok, streamed live! No Name Mexico Fashion Show Live
  • 8/4/2021 Bratz 20 Yearz Anniversary 1st Edition Re-Release is now available at Target and Walmart! Target and Walmart
  • 8/14/2021 Bratz has teamed up with Puma for some footwear! Bratz x Puma
  • 8/21/2021 A Bratz Designer Pride doll is releasing soon! Stay tuned! Amazon Listing
  • 9/19/2021 Rock Angelz is due to be re-released October 1! Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, and Roxxi! Along with the cruiser! Stay tuned for more updates...

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